Xiaomi Poco Series Repair

Fast and guaranteed repair for Xiaomi Poco in ired stores. We can successfully repair any kind of damage that might be keeping you from the wonderful experience your device is offering you.

In ired stores, we offer effective results in any kind of damage it might have on your Xiaomi Poco device, fast and cheap, since most of the repairs are completed on the same day.

Some of the most usual Xiaomi Poco damages are:

  • Screen replacement for Xiaomi Poco
  • Battery replacement for Xiaomi Poco
  • USB port replacement for Xiaomi Poco
  • Wet Xiaomi Poco

Ired stores are known as the lab with more than 300.000 successful repairs! Our experience in combination with the high-quality replacement parts we are using, allows us to be completely sure of the quality of services we are offering. 


Certified Technicians

In any of our stores, you will find certified technicians, who have the appropriate knowledge and experience in order to detect the damage and repair your device successfully and fast.

Top Quality Replacement Parts

In ired labs, our resource team is making sure that we always choose carefully the replacement parts we use. Our main goal is to assure the best quality and performance. We are always standing by the side of our clients and we want to offer the best services possible.

Nation Wide

If the distance is the reason that keeps you from visiting an ired store, then you can contact us by calling or through the Live Chat and we are going to guide you through the process of the free shipping of your device, the repair process and we’ll discuss any question you might have.