Wet Xiaomi redmi 4x Repair

Wet Xiaomi redmi 4x Repair

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Wet Xiaomi redmi 4x Repair

Get a guaranteed repair in your wet Xiaomi redmi 4x by the expert technicians of ired stores. Visit your nearest store to enjoy top and fast services.

One of the major enemies of modern devices, such as the the Xiaomi redmi 4x, is humidity. An unexpected contact with water or any other liquid can damage your device and cause serious fatal problems.

First steps

Once you know that your device's got in contact with water, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the device
  • Wipe the device with absorbent paper
  • Position the device in the opposite direction to the water
  • Do not attempt to dry the device with any heat source

After the above steps, be sure to visit an ired store for a wet Xiaomi redmi 4x repair.

Dealing with oxidation

And after the liquid influx to your device, the other danger that can develop is oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that has the ability to alter all parts inside the device. In that way, there is the great risk of damaging the motherboard.

At ired, we will proceed with an immediate chemical cleaning in order to remove liquids from the device. Important role in the wet Xiaomi redmi 4x repair has the ultrasonic bath, which is one of the most advanced tools available in our workspaces.

In that point, we are in place to tell you that your immediate reaction after the device’s contact with liquid, is vital in the successful result of the repair.

Come now to ired

Visit instantly an ired store for enjoying top services in wet Xiaomi redmi 4x repair. If you can not bring us your device for any reason, you can send it to us for free by our partnered courier service. For more information, one of our representatives will be at your disposal either by phone or Live Chat.