Xiaomi redmi 4x Screen repair

Xiaomi redmi 4x Screen repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 49
  • Cost (Tax incl) 60.76
  • Repair Time Ask us
  • Repair Warranty 1 year

Xiaomi redmi 4x Screen repair

Only the ired labs can offer immediate Xiaomi redmi 4x screen repair from top expert technicians at amazing prices. Visit us as soon as possible for a guaranteed result.

The Xiaomi redmi 4x screen is 5 inches in size and provides vibrant colors in every viewing. However, a possible drop of the device may particularly damage the display in any way.

Indications of failure

Some of the signs you should notice to make sure your device's display malfunction are:

  • Break on screen
  • Crack on screen
  • Black ink spots on the screen
  • Can not adjust the brightness
  • Black and white colors

If any of the above is obvious, then you need a Xiaomi redmi 4x screen repair by the specialist engineers of ired.

Repair procedure

Once your device shows any kind of malfunction on the screen, you have to visit an ired store. Once you get to a store, our experienced and skilled technicians will initially check the device in 24 different points. When they get sure that the damage becomes from the screen, they will inform you of the cost and time duration of the process, waiting for your approval.

Immediately afterwards, they will continue with the repair of Xiaomi redmi 4x screen. After completing the repair process, you will receive your device with a brand new display that will be accompanied by a warranty.

Contact us now

Do not hesitate to contact us immediately for any detail regarding the Xiaomi redmi 4x screen repair. You should know that even if your access to a store is not possible, you can send us your device completely free of charge through the courier service with which we partner the last years. In that way we offer fast services and we make sure that the device will not stay away from you for a long period of time.