Xiaomi POCO F3 is a powerful device that offers you top performance in any type of use that lets you enjoy every process in high speed and responsiveness. The device offers you 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi 6 to enjoy high connection speeds wherever you are, water cooling technology (LiquidCool 1.0 Plus) to cool the processor instantly even in the most demanding tasks and battery which lasts from morning  to night no matter what you do!

Any malfunction in the POCO F3 can cause significant problems with the smooth operation of your device and require immediate repair. 

In any case  there is no reason to worry, since in ired stores we provide immediate repair for any damage.


Some of the most common POCO F3 repairs are:

  • Screen replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Back cover replacement
  • Wifi signal repair
  • Speaker/microphone repair

In ired stores you will find:

Specialized technicians with many years of experience in mobile phone repair, who are able to offer you immediate and effective solutions!

Our repair labs are equipped with all the latest technological tools needed to accommodate and repair your device with absolute safety and to guarantee the best possible result.


Free shipping

In case you cannot access one of our stores for any reason, we give you the option to send us your device free of charge from any part of Greece. After we receive your device we perform direct tests in order to inform you of the best repair solutions, take your confirmation to proceed and fix it in no time! Most of the repairs are completed within 24 hours and then we ship your device back to you. For more information feel free to contact us and one of our agents will guide you throughout the whole process.