Wet Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Repair

Wet Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Repair

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  • Cost (Tax incl) 49.6
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Wet Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Repair

Enjoy an efficient wet Xiaomi Mi Max 2 repair by specialised technicians, by visiting today one of the 13 ired stores in Attiki, Thessaloniki and Patras.

Moisture may be fatal for for electronic devices and we advise you to follow the steps below, in order to avoid further damage from liquid penetration in your device:

  • First switch off immediately your device
  • Remove all peripherals (headphones, cases, etc.)
  • Wipe the external moisture with absorbent paper
  • Avoid using heat sources to dry the moisture

Afterwards, visit directly one of our stores to get your device checked by our technicians.

We will open your device and remove moisture from inside. The most important thing is to save the motherboard of your device as you may suffer data loss or a total blackout of the device. The repair of wet Xiaomi Mi Max 2 must be done by qualified personnel as this task is extremely demanding.

In most cases, when the reaction is immediate and the short circuit is avoided, the wet Xiaomi Mi Max 2 repair is successful and the device's functionality returns to 100%.

Even if you have not been able to turn off your device, we can repair it but we may need additional work for the full restore.

If you have recently sunk your device, be sure to bring it to our stores to get a wet Xiaomi Mi Max 2 repair.

If you live far from our stores or you do not have enough time to visit us, you can send us your device via courier at no cost.

Contact us directly to provide you more information about repairing the wet Xiaomi Mi Max 2.