Wet Xiaomi Mi A1 repair

Wet Xiaomi Mi A1 repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 30
  • Cost (Tax incl) 37.2
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Wet Xiaomi Mi A1 repair

Enjoy now a reliable and guaranteed repair of wet Xiaomi Mi A1 in all ired stores, in Attiki, Thessaloniki and Patras by highly specialized technicians. Find your nearest ired store.

The repair a wet appliance is considered as one of the most demanding processes, but the many years of experience and expertise that we do have in ired, makes as able to deal with even the most difficult cases.

So, if you notice that your device has gotten in contact with liquid, you have to, instantly,  follow the instructions below:

  • Turn off your device
  • Wipe the device with absorbent paper
  • Position the device in the opposite direction to the liquid
  • Important: Avoid drying the device with appliances, such a hair dryer
  • Visit an ired shop for effective repair of wet Xiaomi Mi A1

The high risk of humidity

If some kind of liquid element grows inside the device due to moisture, then it will create a chemical reaction it is called oxidation. Oxidation is able to erode the metal parts of the device causing significant damage, as in many cases of wetted devices, the motherboard gets affected. To avoid this kind of problem, you will need to turn off your device immediately.

Repair procedure

First of all you have to visit an ired store and afterwards our qualified technicians will take care of your device by carrying out a chemical cleaning and, by using their innovative equipment, they will offer you the best possible result in repairing the wet Xiaomi Mi A1.

But, have in mind that if you want to get the best possible result, you also have to react very quickly.

We are waiting for you

Visit now an ired shop for effective wet Xiaomi Mi A1 repair. In case the damage is repairable, we can guarantee you the best possible result. And if you live far away from one of our 13 ships, then you can send us your device for free via our Courier service.

For more information visit our website, call us or send us a message to Live Chat.