Xiaomi Repair


If you seek immediate repair for Xiaomi devices at amazing prices from experienced and skilled technicians, you can find it in all the specialized labs of ired.

What is ired?

Ired has been active in the repairs business for several years. It offers reliability and a guaranteed result in the repairs it undertakes by combining them with unique prices.

Technicians’ team

At all the ired stores, you will come across specialized electronics who have many years of experience in repairs. They are at all times available to answer any questions you may have, but also provide you with an effective repair in Xiaomi devices. Most Xiaomi repairs are completed within a few hours by our technicians.

Spare parts

One of the most important factors for an efficient and reliable repair is the quality of the spare parts. At ired, we provide top quality replacement parts for repairs, so we can guarantee you the result and the durability of the repaired device. After each repair we provide a guarantee of good operation.

Free shipping for Greece

At ired, we want to be next to you in every way. So, if you need a Xiaomi repair but you are not able for any reason to visit a store, we give you the option of free shipping and delivery of your device from anywhere you may be in Greece.

That is why we are co-working with the largest courier company in the country. So, we make sure that your device will be getting in our hands. As soon as we complete your Xiaomi repair we return it fully functional and warranted through our courier service.

Find your nearest ired store

Do not waste your time. Find the nearest to you ired store, through the "Contact" section of our website and visit it as soon as possible for an affordable and guaranteed Xiaomi repair. We are also available to you via our Live Chat service.