Samsung Galaxy S9 water damaged repair

Samsung Galaxy S9 water damaged repair

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Repair of wet Samsung Galaxy S9

Efficient repair of wet Samsung Galaxy S9 by the team of experienced technicians of ired. Come directly to your nearest workshop.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 may have impressive moisture resistance but this does not make it waterproof though. The protection offered by Samsung is at the highest level that a smartphone company can offer. Otherwise, the use of mobile phones is being made outside of water and the cost of making a truly waterproof device will trigger its price.

IP68 level protection is enough to save your device from falling into stagnant water or rainwater and moisture. It will not protect you from salt water, however, as all tests are done with fresh water. Still, there is no guarantee that under certain slopes and pressures the water will not penetrate inside your appliance.

If you find yourself in the unpleasant position to note that moisture has penetrated inside your device, you have to react immediately by following the steps below:

  • Turn off your device immediately

  • Remove moisture from the outside with absorbent paper or cloth

  • Remove audio cables or any other accessories

  • Resist the momentum to turn on your device

After that, you have to visit one of our stores to clean your device, repair the wet Samsung Galaxy S9 and check for any damage from fluid penetration.

Avoid exposure to high temperature to "remove" moisture. The device is overheated and important electronic circuits can be destroyed.

Come to the nearest ired store for effective repair of Samsung Galaxy S9.

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