Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 53
  • Cost (Tax incl) 65.72
  • Repair Time Ask us
  • Repair Warranty 6 months

Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Replacement

Immediate battery replacement in Samsung Galaxy S9 from the team of our experienced technicians. Come directly to  your nearest ired workshop!

The battery is essential for the operation of your device. Although the Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the top devices in the market, all the devices use the same technology and the only thing that changes is their capacity, quality construction and some specialized technical detail, which remains within the limits of the lithium-ion batteries.

A lithium-ion battery can be damaged if overcharged, short-circuited, knocked or punctured. But, even if you avoid all of the above problems, the battery will lose its performance gradually, and this usually happens at the end of one year use.

The symptoms you will experience are as follows:

  • Unable to charge

  • Slow charging

  • Sudden discharge

  • Lack of accuracy in battery percentage

  • Reduced battery life

  • Another problem you may experience is reduced performance of your device if the battery starts to malfunction.

Surely the above problems can only be addressed by replacing the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery.

Guaranteed battery change Samsung Galaxy S9

We are waiting for you at our specialized laboratories for efficient battery replacement from our experienced team of technicians. We will first have to check the battery condition and if necessary we will proceed with the replacement of the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery.

Our work can be completed most of the time on the same day and the exception is to take one more day for the repair. This is mainly based on the time you visit our store. The sooner you visit within the day, the more chances yopu have for a day-to-day repair.

If you live away from our stores we can offer you our services remotely.

We co-operate with the best courier company for fast, safe and free shipping in all regions of Greece.

Contact us for more information on replacing the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery.