Water damaged Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus repair

Water damaged Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 30
  • Cost (Tax incl) 37.2
  • Repair Time 4 days
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

If your favorite device Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has contact with water, come to ired for immediate and effective water damaged repair.

Come to the nearest ired store or we can care for a free delivery, via courier.

Immediate reaction to moisture

  • Close the device immediately
  • Rinse the device with tap water, if it is damaged with salty water.
  • Wipe up the liquids
  • Wrap the machine with tissue paper
  • Do not dry the device with other heating devices, because you will cause overheating

Oxidation of the device

When the interior of the device come into contact with liquid, the metal elements may be destroyed by oxidation. You must remove all fluids to avoid disaster. If this procedure isn’t done immediately, then maybe you will need to replace certain parts of your device. One of the worst possibly scenarios is the oxidation of the logicboard, as this will maximize the cost of the water damaged Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus repair.

Come to ired

We will assess the situation and define the cost depending on whether or not is a need for some parts replacement. We are totally equipped to deal promptly and effectively with the water damaged Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus repair. The best of them is the high power ultrasonic bath that acts dynamically by removing moisture from the inside.

Everything depends on how fast you are going to react.

Stay tuned with us by phone or via Live Chat. An agent is always at your disposal to speak with you and give you the appropriate instructions for proper use and about the water damaged Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus repair procedure.

Take advantage of our competitive prices and high quality services.