Samsung Galaxy s5 vibration mechanism repair

Samsung Galaxy s5 vibration mechanism repair

Repair details

If your vibration mechanism in your favourite Samsung Galaxy s5 gets damaged, do not hesitate. Visit an ired store, that offers you a quick and effective repair.

If you live outside Attica or you cannot visit our stores due to heavy workload, we offer you free courier services, wherever you are in Greece.

The use of the vibration mechanism

One of the most useful functions of your Samsung Galaxy s5, is the vibration mechanism. The vibration mechanism notifies us about incoming calls or messages, when the sound notification cannot help us.

After a fall of your device or a strong hit on it, the vibration mechanism may get damaged. In this case, it is really possible to miss valuable calls or notifications. We suggest to have your vibration mechanism repaired, as soon as possible.


To deal with the damage effectively, we propose to replace your damaged vibration mechanism with a new one and authentic one.

When our technician receives your device, he runs a diagnostic test to confirm the damage. If your vibration mechanism is damaged, he informs you of the time and cost of the repair and with your consent he makes the replacement.

Visit an ired store

Visit one of our labs and see for yourself our modern facilities. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to be able to offer you a safe and fast Samsung Galaxy s5 vibration mechanism repair.

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