Samsung Galaxy s5 Wi - Fi antenna repair

Samsung Galaxy s5 Wi - Fi antenna repair

Repair details

For a quick and effective Samsung Galaxy s5 Wi - Fi antenna repair, visit one of our stores in Attica.

If you cannot visit one of our stores, we offer you free delivery - receipt, through courier.

The ired stores are the only ones that offer:

  • Direct service from certified technicians
  • Operation control covering 24 points, before and after the repair
  • Safe removal of the faulty Wi - Fi antenna
  • Flawless installation of the new Samsung Galaxy s5 Wi - Fi antenna
  • Warranty

The use of the Wi - Fi antenna

With your Samsung Galaxy s5, you can navigate through the internet quickly. This usually happens through Wi - Fi network, because it offers greater speed, a more stable connection and of course it is free. This connection happens through the Wi - Fi antenna.

If your antenna sustains damage, usually due to a fall of your device, you will need to replace your damaged antenna with a new one.

If this happens then you will be unable to connect to a wireless network, resulting in the use of mobile data whenever you want to navigate in the internet.

Repairing the damage

The most common signs of a damaged Wi - Fi antenna are the following:

  • Weak Wi - Fi signal
  • Inability to connect to wireless networks
  • Your device cannot locate any wireless network

If you recognise any of the above signs in your device then you will need a Samsung Galaxy s5 Wi - Fi antenna repair.

Visit an ired store

The ired stores have all the necessary experience and expertise to offer you a quick and safe repair.

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