Samsung Galaxy s5 rear cover replacement

Samsung Galaxy s5 rear cover replacement

Repair details

For an effective repair of your rear cover, on your favourite Samsung Galaxy s5, visit an ired store. In all our repairs, we only use authentic Samsung parts.

If you cannot visit one of our stores in Attica, you can send us your device with courier, free of charge.

The importance of the rear cover

A very important part of your Samsung Galaxy s5 is its rear cover. It is responsible for the protection of your device from dust and moisture.

If they enter your device, they will cause severe damage on it.

The ired stores offer:

  • Direct service from specialised technicians
  • Operation control covering 24 points, before and after the repair
  • Safe removal of the damaged Samsung Galaxy s5 rear cover
  • Flawless installation of the new Samsung Galaxy s5 rear cover
  • Warranty

Damage description

Due to the fact that our smartphones have become an important part of our lives, we don’ t go anywhere without them.

Unfortunately, this fact can expose our devices to many dangers, like an accidental fall. In case of a fall or because we carry our devices on pockets and bags, our rear cover may sustain damage.

To make sure that your rear cover is damaged, check the following list with the most common indications of damage:

  • Worn rear cover
  • Broken rear cover
  • Cracks on the rear cover
  • Deformed rear cover

If you notice any of the above symptoms then you will need an immediate replacement of your rear cover.


For a permanent solution to your problem, you need to replace your damaged rear cover with a new one.

In the ired stores, we are fully capable to restore your damaged rear cover with speed and safety.

We are waiting for you!