Samsung Galaxy s5 front camera repair

Samsung Galaxy s5 front camera repair

Repair details

In the ired stores we combine low prices and effectiveness in all our repairs. Visit us and take advantage of our unique prices and services.

If you cannot visit our stores, you can send us your device, via courier, free of charge, throughout Greece.

The ired stores offer:

  • Specialised services from certified technicians
  • Operation control covering 24 points, before and after the repair
  • Safe removal of the damaged front camera
  • Flawless installation of the new Samsung Galaxy s5 front camera
  • Warranty of good service

Samsung Galaxy s5 front camera

Your Samsung Galaxy s5 has an amazing camera that is very difficult to separate from. This is why if it gets damaged, you should visit an ired store. We can repair your damaged front camera quickly and safely.

Soon you will be able to immortalise again your special moments.

Repair in an ired store

When we receive your device, we will run a diagnostic test to confirm the damage. If the damage is confirmed, we will inform you about the cost and time of the repair. With your consent, we will proceed to make the replacement.

We only use authentic Samsung parts. That way we can be sure about their resilience and full compatibility with your device.

Choose an ired store

There are many reasons why you should pick an ired store. We have expertise, experience and professionalism.

We offer you a unique combination of safety, speed and affordable prices, in all our repairs.

Visit one of our labs in Attica and we will solve any questions you have on the functionality of your Samsung Galaxy s5.

You can contact us by telephone or by our live support feature, in