Samsung Galaxy S5 camera repair

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera repair

Repair details

For a direct and effective Samsung Galaxy S5 camera repair, visit an ired store.

If you cannot visit us, you can send us your device free of charge, via courier.

Damage description

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 has an amazing camera. That is why, it is not unreasonable to use it all the time. Unfortunately, a damaged camera will prevent you from immortalising your special moments.

If your camera gets damaged do not hesitate, visit an ired store and we promise you, that your camera will soon be fully functional once again.

Confirming the damage

To make sure that your camera is broken, check the following list:

  • Low quality video and photographs
  • Evident damage on the lens of your camera
  • Blurry image
  • Blue pixels appear on your screen

If you notice any of these signs, then you probably need a Samsung Galaxy S5 camera repair.


The technical team of ired is fully capable of dealing with any damage on your favourite Samsung Galaxy S5 camera.

To begin with our technician will receive your device and he will run a diagnostic test to confirm any fault in your Samsung Galaxy S5.

If your camera needs to be replaced, we will inform you about the cost and duration of the repair. With your consent, we will proceed to make the replacement.

In the ired stores, we only use authentic Samsung parts, to be certain about their quality and resilience.

Visit an ired store

Trust our certified technicians and you will not be disappointed.

Visit an ired store in Attica and ask us any question you have on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

If you cannot visit us, you can contact us by telephone or through our live support feature in