Samsung Galaxy S4 mini glass screen & home button repair

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini glass screen & home button repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 50 - 103
  • Cost (Tax incl) 62
  • Repair Time 2 hours
  • Repair Warranty 1 year

Whatever problem you are experiencing with the glass screen or the home button of you Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, ired stores offer immediate and effective solutions.

Come to one of our stores in Attica or if you cannot attend in person, choose the solution of sending your device via courier, at our expense.

We offer you:

  •  Direct service by licensed technicians
  •  Operation control in 24 points before and after the repair
  •  Safe removal of the damaged screen/home button
  •  Flawless install of the new screen/home button of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
  •  Warranty

Symptoms of damage

Your device is coming everywhere with you and is daily exposed to risks such an accidental fall or a hit. Doing so, may damage the glass display or the home button of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.

You will know if there is a problem, if you notice the following:

  •  Intermissions in the operation of the home button
  •  You will need more pressure for the proper operation of the home button.
  •  The display will have scratches, breakage or cracking, making it impossible to use it.

Resolving the fault

The ired stores suggest replacement of the damaged home button or the cracked screen with new, original parts.

Our experienced technical team will disassemble your device so as to remove the defective parts and will work in a secure environment with the appropriate tools to replace them.

Your device will be returned for immediate use.

See you at the ired stores

Trust only the ired specialists to repair the glass screen and home button of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. Take advantage of our affordable prices, prompt service and genuine parts that apply to your device.

Feel free to express to us any questions you have about the process. We are available at any time.