At ired, our supplies department selects the best and highest quality replacement parts, which will be used by our specialized technicians to offer you a quality service.

More specifically, the faults that we can repair on your Samsung Galaxy S20 are the following:

  • Screen replacement
  • Wet Samsung Galaxy S20 repair
  • Back cover replacement of Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Battery replacement
  • Motherboard repair

Whatever problem your device faces, we have the solution and we offer you a safe and guaranteed repair!

Why in ired?

Experience and aptitude

Repairing the Samsung Galaxy S20, is a very difficult process. Our technicians have the necessary knowledge for the correct diagnosis and repair of your Samsung. Their aptitude and experience is a guarantee for an excellent desired result in every Samsung Galaxy S20 repair we undertake.

Guaranteed Repairs

We can offer you a guarantee for our work, thanks to our aptitude and the best spare parts we have. So you can trust our ired laboratories, in every Samsung Galaxy S20 repair. We are always next to the customer and we always want to offer the best possible result.

Nationwide coverage

If the distance or any other problem doesn’t allow you to enjoy our services, we give you the opportunity to send us your device via courier completely free! Contact us to find out more!