Whatever the problem is with the Samsung Galaxy S10e, contact the ired store that serves you immediately, so that one of our experienced and specialized technicians can take over and repair the damage immediately, at the lowest possible cost!

Our Samsung repair service is for those who only have the highest expectations for their device repair. Using only the highest specification parts ensures that your phone leaves us looking and working as good as new.

The most common faults of the Samsung Galaxy S10e that we undertake are:

  • Screen Replacement
  • Rear Camera
  • Front Camera
  • Battery replacement
  • WiFi repair
  • Liquid damage repair
  • Speaker repair

Experienced technical team

In all ired stores our technicians are able to successfully complete any repair on your Samsung Galaxy S10e even the most complex one, for example the motherboard replacement one.

Our technical team manages to stay constantly informed about all the latest technological developments and has the appropriate knowledge so they can repair any damage, offering you the best result in each of the repairs we undertake both functionally and aesthetically!

State-of-the-art laboratories

All our laboratories in each of the ired stores are specially designed spaces fully equipped with all the latest technology tools, so that we are able to undertake any repair on your devices with absolute safety and security.

Genuine Samsung spare parts

Major role in the result of the repair is the quality of our materials and spare parts. Of course, the experience and knowledge of our technicians won't be anything without the right spare parts! We guarantee you the best result of every repair since all the spare parts we use in Samsung repairs are authentic. So, after the repair of the damage you are facing, we will give you back your device fully functional like new!