Wet Samsung Galaxy Note repair

Wet Samsung Galaxy Note repair

Repair details

Visit one of the labs of ired, that offer professional and immediate wet Samsung Galaxy Note repair.

In the ired stores, we have all the necessary experience and expertise to repair your wet device. The unfortunate moment that your Samsung Galaxy Note gets wet, you should move as soon as possible to be able to save it.

Trust us with your device and we will not let you down.

Responsiveness instructions

  • Turn off the device immediately and do not activate it for any reason
  • Do not dry the phone with intense energy power because there is a risk of overheating
  • Use paper towel to remove moisture and wrap the device
  • Place the device in the opposite direction from the one the water entered
  • Come directly to ired

You should understand that the sooner you act, the less or not at all, you will be facing problems with your device.

If we receive your device immediately and you have already followed the steps we mentioned above, then there are great chances, the Samsung Galaxy Note to emerge unscathed from the water battle.

Description of damage

The damage that is caused from the presence of water inside your device, is called oxidation. This is a chemical reaction that causes corrosion to the inner parts of your Samsung Galaxy Note. Your immediate response is necessary to prevent oxidation from expanding.

Visit the nearest ired store

When we receive your device, we will open it to get to know the amount of damage that your device has sustained, from the presence of liquid inside your device. Then, we will remove any moisture remaining in your device by using specialised equipment like the high power ultrasonic tub.

To conclude with we will run an operation control to check if your Samsung Galaxy Note has been fully restored.

The cost of the repair will be decided, by how many parts we needed to replace to your device.

Do not hesitate to ask us about any question you may have on your favourite Samsung Galaxy Note.

We are waiting for you.