Samsung Galaxy Note motherboard repair

Samsung Galaxy Note motherboard repair

Repair details

In the ired stores, we offer you Samsung Galaxy Note motherboard repair, from professional technicians, at the most affordable prices of the market.

If you cannot visit one of our stores in Attica, we offer you free delivery of your device, via courier, wherever you are in Greece.

A damaged motherboard is considered to be an irreparable damage. This is not true, although it is the hardest type of repair to complete with success, it can be repaired.

The ired labs have all the necessary experience and expertise to make any repair needed in your motherboard.

Damaged motherboard

The motherboard is the most important circuit in your Samsung Galaxy Note. A damaged motherboard will affect all the functions of your favourite device or it can even render it unable to turn on.

Indications of fault

  • Your device cannot be activated
  • Inability to recognise your SIM card
  • The device is restarting suddenly
  • The screen cannot be turned on even after you replace it
  • Inability to charge your device
  • The socket of the motherboard appears to be broken

Visit the closest ired store

The experience and expertise of our technicians, allows us to interfere directly on your motherboard and make repairs that may seem impossible to others.

All our replacement parts are always resilient and fully compatible with your device. We are at your disposal, to solve any question you have. You can contact us by telephone or through our live support feature in