Samsung Galaxy Note Edge USB repair

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge USB repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 65
  • Cost (Tax incl) 80.6
  • Repair Time 1 day
  • Repair Warranty 6 months

If you are experiencing any Samsung Galaxy Note Edge USB problem, the visit one of the ired laboratories for immediate repair with original Samsung parts.

Otherwise, you can send your device for free, via courier.

We offer you:

  • Direct service by licensed technicians
  • Operation control in 24 parts before and after the repair
  • Safe removal of the USB
  • Flawless installation of the new USB of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
  • Warranty

Symptoms of damage

If the ribbon cable inside the device is damaged various problems will appear. For example:

  • It will not be possible to charge the device
  • The device cannot be connected to a computer

If you notice these signs, then you will need a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge USB repair.


Come to ired to deal with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge USB repair. We will undertake the repair with responsibility and all the safety rules. Our modern workshops have fully equipped workbenches with technology tools. The procedure will be completed quickly and efficiently.

We are expecting you to ired workshops

All parts used in Samsung repairs are genuine and are offered with warranty. You will be informed about the cost and the duration of the repair in order to decide whether to proceed. With your consent, we will continue to complete the replacement of the defective USB with a new and original part.

If you need a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge USB repair, select the store that suits you and trust your device in our hands. You will be amazed by our professionalism and our reasonable prices.

Contact us by phone or via Live Chat. An agent is always available for your convenience.