Samsung Galaxy Note 3 water damaged repair

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 water damaged repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 30
  • Cost (Tax incl) 37.2
  • Repair Time 4 days
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is exposed to water and you need immediate restoration of you device, come to ired stores for effective solutions.

If you wish, you can send your device via courier, completely free.

Emergency response instructions

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes in contact with water, you should quickly take action so as to avoid worse problems. More specifically:

  •  Turn off the device immediately and do not open it at all.
  •  Do not use heating devices to dry the smarthphone because this may cause overheating.
  •  Wipe and wrap your mobile with paper towels to dry the waters.
  •  Place the device in the opposite direction of which the liquid entered.

Then come directly to one of the ired shops to offer an effective solution. The sooner we have the device in our hands, the better the results.

The odds are always in your favor, if water hasn’t managed to penetrate inside the device and you have faithfully followed the emergency response instructions.

Solving the problem

The biggest risk from water inflow is the corrosion of the inner components. This will cause serious malfunctions or even a total shutdown of the device.

The final cost will depend on whether and how many spare parts will be needed. At best scenario, however, if you act quickly, there may be no essential component change.

We have the right tools, such as the ultrasonic bath, to solve the problem directly and remove the remaining moisture from the inside.

See you at the ired workshops

Come directly to the ired laboratories in Attica, choosing the closer one. Our technical team will immediately take your device and work effectively to save water damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 3.