Samsung Galaxy Note 3 microphone/usb repair

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 microphone/usb repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 45
  • Cost (Tax incl) 55.8
  • Repair Time 1 day
  • Repair Warranty 6 months

For any damage that occurs to the microphone/usb of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, come to ired laboratories for a prompt and efficient repair.

If you cannot come, we offer you free pickup and delivery all over Greece.

We offer you:

  •  Direct service by licensed technicians
  •  Operation control in 24 points before and after the repair
  •  Safe removal of the damaged usb/mic
  •  Flawless install of the new usb/mic of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  •  Warranty

Symptoms of damage

If the shared ribbon cable that connects the internal microphone and usb port is damaged, the problems will arise while using the device. For example:

  •  It will be difficult to the person you are talking to to listen you, or your voice will be interrupted
  •  The microphone will not be working
  •  The device will not be charging
  •  The device will not be able to connect via usb to a computer

If the above symptoms occur, you will immediately need Samsung Galaxy Note 3microphone/usb repair.

See you at the ired workshops

Come to our modern laboratories to permanently solve your problem with the microphone or the usb of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Our experienced technical team is specially trained and has all the necessary tools for each and every demanding repair.

All the parts we are using are authentic and come with a warranty.

You simply have to hand over your device and we will perform a diagnostic test to detect what caused the symptoms you have detected. If we have to change a component, you will be informed in order to get your consent to go on with the repair.

We give great importance to the repairs’ safety and we offer all our services at the most affordable prices in the market, directly, effectively and in the shortest possible time.