Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Repair

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an ultramodern smartphone that has a fantastic AMOLED display 5,7’’ and clarity in a ration 16:9 with 16 million colors. The long battery life up to 380 hours in stand by allows you to have it with you all the time. The slim shape and leading design makes it fit perfectly in your hand and accompany you in all your exits.

Naturally, after some time or due to an accidental fall or blow, your device may suffer an injury that will put it off or several problems will occur.

In ired we can repair any damage it may arise, directly, quickly and efficiently.

Specifically, ired offer you:

  •  Direct service by licensed technicians
  •  Operation control in 24 points before and after the repair
  •  Safe removal of the problematic component
  •  Flawless install of the new and original spare part
  •  Warranty

The most common injuries that may occur are:

  •  Broken touchscreen
  •  Crack of the glass screen
  •  Wear out of the rear panel
  •  Damaged earpiece
  •  Problems with the speakers
  •  No operation of the microphone
  •  Non functional Wi-Fi
  •  Wet Galaxy Note 3

We are waiting you in our ired stores in Attica

All our laboratories are fully equipped with the best tools so that the repairs can be made directly and safely.

Our technical team has all the necessary expertise and experience in Samsung’s devices and repairs and is able to solve every problem your favorite smartphone faces.

We are using authentic spare parts which come with warranty. All the repairs are offered at highly affordable prices and are always ready with fast procedures.