Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 Logicboard repair

Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 Logicboard repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 45
  • Cost (Tax incl) 55.8
  • Repair Time 4 days
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

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Courier service gives you the ability to send us your device without charge, if to visit a store is impossible.

The center of all functions of your device is the logicboard. A possible complication to it may convert your device to non functional.

The perception it claims that logicboard is one of the none repaired parts of the device and the only solution is the replacement, does not exist. This opinion is a myth of the past and the only one which can prove it is the ired as long as do a Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 logicboard repair.

Problem indications

Some of the elements which you must observe in order to be sure the logicboard faces a problem are the following:

  • The screen is not responded
  • The device is not activated
  • The logicboard socket has been damaged
  • The charge of your device is impossible
  • The signal got lost
  • The Home Button, the microphone and the camera do not functional

All the above says that there is a damage and you need a Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 logicboard repair.

Solution to the problem

If someone is needed to intervene on the logicboard in Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 can not be another than an experienced and specialized in that cases ired technician. The ired team after a lot of years of occupation with Samsung devices can guarantee to you success wherever need to intervene on your device.

A diagnostic test which be made by a technician on your device will find the fault. If the damage on Logicboard is not repaired, you will get the necessary information about the time data and the cost of the repair, and after your positive answer we will continue the Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 logicboard repair procedure.

Ired has to assure you about the Samsung spare parts’ s authentication in which a warranty exists.

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