Repair of wet Samsung Galaxy A8 Dual 2018

Repair of wet Samsung Galaxy A8 Dual 2018

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Repair of wet Samsung Galaxy A8 Dual 2018

Find reliable repair of wet Samsung Galaxy A8 dual 2018 in specialized ired stores.  Visit the nearest to you as soon as possible!

The Samsung Galaxy A8 dual 2018 has resistance to moisture, but this does not make it waterproof. Over time moisture resistance decreases and the risk of moisture damage increases.

If you suspect that your device is wet, the first thing you need to do is to turn it off immediately. Remove all accessories carefully (headphones, cables, cases). Wipe all the fluids so they do not get inside the device. If you believe that moisture has already penetrated inside your device, then you can only go to one of our stores and have a check on the Samsung Galaxy A8 by our technicians.

If the device is wet, it should be opened and get an internal chemical cleaning to remove moisture and residue. After completing this procedure, it is most likely that the device will operate normally. If the device needs further work, you will be notified by our technicians and we will proceed only after we get your approval.

Ultra-modern repair workshops

Ired stores feature state-of-the-art equipment and tools, especially for smartphone repairs. This results in all tasks being completed quickly, safely and effectively.

Group of experienced technicians

Ired technicians do have many years of experience in repairs. The repair of the wet Samsung Galaxy A8 dual 2018 is a demanding task and our team has the necessary know-how to complete it successfully.

Free shipping and delivery nationwide

If you need to repair the wet Samsung Galaxy A8 dual 2018 but you are away from our stores, do not worry. We offer you free shipping and delivery through a reputable courier company for the best possible service.

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