The refreshed Samsung Galaxy A52 is truly a top device. The size of the screen is really huge, as it has a 6.5 "screen. Its speed and performance are phenomenal. It will offer you endless hours of telephony and entertainment with its incredible 4500mAh battery.

Its excellent features push you to use it continuously and intensively, so it makes sense for your device to show some damage or damage from either falling or hitting.


The most common damages you may experience are the following:

  • Broken LCD screen
  • Cracked glass screen
  • Broken back-cover 
  • Damaged handset
  • Defective speakers
  • Defective microphone
  • It does not pick up Wi-Fi signal
  • Water damage


In all cases, the repair of Samsung Galaxy A52 is possible and effective.


Instant repair at ired stores

Our specialized technicians work in our fully equipped laboratories with the latest technology tools. We have made sure that in each of our laboratories there are the appropriate conditions for the repair of the Galaxy A52. Even for more difficult damages, such as repairing a wet Galaxy A52, we have specialized tools for better results.

Our experience, knowledge and constant updating with the latest technological developments allow us to offer high quality services. All you have to do is come to one of our stores to check your device. We will diagnose your fault and suggest possible solutions to them.