Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Logicboard repair

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Logicboard repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 90
  • Cost (Tax incl) 111.6
  • Repair Time 4 days
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

If your device Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 needs logicboard repair or replacement, then in our company you can find the most confident and fast solution.

Come in our labs or if you can not, we take over for you the free shipment of your device via courier.

Motherboard is the brain of your device and surely a problem in it could cause bigger problems generally on your phone. That is because logicboard connects all main parts of your device and is the control panel of your smartphone.

A fairly widespread myth says that a damage on logicboard cannot be fixed. Here, in ired we are ready to prove you the opposite and make a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 logicboard repair.

Indications of the problem

Below we will present you some indications which tell you that the logicboard of your device has a problem. The most common are:

  • The screen does not lighted up
  • The device cannot turned on
  • The logicboard slot has been damaged
  • Charging is not possible
  • The device has not signal
  • Camera, microphone and home button are not functional

If any of the above applies, possibly you need to have a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 logicboard repair

Correction of damage

Our multi annual experience in the sector of smartphone repairs has taught us to give the necessary careful to Samsung repairs. Especially, who we have to cope with a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 logicboard repair, which is very special, knowledge plays an important role.

You should only let your device to our person who will serve you and after he will try a diagnostic test to find the failure. If he believes that the logicboard or other parts, need replacement, you will be informed, so we have your approval for the next actions.

All products which used in Samsung repairs are genuine giving guarantee.

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We are waiting with happiness in our stores to serve you immediately for the repair of logicboard at your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017.