Specialized repairs by ired's professionals!

To find the repair you are interested in, follow the simple steps of our repair guide.

  • Initially select your device,
  • then choose the model of your device
  • and finally locate the repair you need.

In our repair guide you can instantly get the information you need and learn all the details of damage and the solution that we can offer you. For every damage there is a corresponding repair for which you can get information.

In ired we always offer you the best possible outcome of your device's repair. Our goal is to return you the device in a great condition both cosmetically and functionally, like new.

Our long and continuous presence in the field of repair and technology allows us to offer you the best rates of the market. We find the best parts available in the market and offer you the best price and quality you can find in Greece.

Our experienced technicians are always friendly and ready to serve you. Technology always fascinates us. Our life is made easier with the use of smartphones, tablet, pc and laptop. Our technicians know the architecture of all electronic devices and continue to be updated with all the new developments in technology.

Electronic devices may exhibit malfunctions due to damage of their hardware or malfunction of the software. ired's team can provide solution for each situation. Our experts examine each device as a special case and can ensure the best possible result.

For this very purpose we have at our disposal the necessary tools. Our laboratories are equipped with specialized tools and the latest generation in conjunction with quality parts, we make our services second to none.

The selection of spare parts that we offer you has been chosen by our experts after a systematic study of the global market. As a result you enjoy a warranty for any spare part you may need. Especially for admirers of top mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, we offer you lifetime warranty on all screens.