PlayStation 4 USB Repair

PlayStation 4 USB Repair

Repair details

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  • Cost (Tax incl) 62
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PlayStation 4 USB Repair

Come in modern ired laboratories for a guaranteed and efficient PlayStation 4 USB repair by our specialized technicians.

If you are not close to one of our workshops, please send us your gaming console via courier so that you enjoy a fast restoration of the damage. You will get back your PlayStation 4 fully functional so that you can quickly return to gaming.

PlayStation 4 USB Problem Description

In general, the USB connectors are vulnerable and those of the PlayStation 4 could not be an exception. These can be easily damaged due to misuse, an accident or as a result of normal wear due to daily use.

PlayStation 4 USB problem symptoms

You will easily understand that there is a USB connector failure, because you will encounter problems such as the following:

  • The controllers don't charge at all
  • The controllers don't connect consistently when using a cable connection
  • The USB socket has suffered physical damage, such as breaking or bending

If your console has presented operational problems like these, you need to visit us so that we can offer you a guaranteed PlayStation 4 USB repair.

PlayStation 4 USB Repair Procedure

Come to one of our stores or send us your PlayStation 4 via courier. One of our professional technicians will undertake the diagnosis of damage and let you know if the symptoms are due to damage of the USB connector.

Then we can proceed directly with the PlayStation 4 USB repair. You will soon receive your gaming console with a fully functional USB connector.

Why to choose us

  • Top quality parts

A PlayStation 4 repair is completed with the use of top quality parts. These have the necessary performance and durability, so that the result is satisfactory and would last through time and everyday use.

  • Low repair costs

We offer you our top services at the best market prices. PlayStation 4 repair at ired stores are always at your advantage.