PlayStation 4 Power Supply Repair

PlayStation 4 Power Supply Repair

Repair details

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  • Cost (Tax incl) 74.4
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PlayStation 4 Power Supply Repair 

For a guaranteed and affordable PlayStation 4 power supply repair from our experienced technical team, come to one of the ired specialized laboratories.

If you cannot visit any of our stores, you can send us your PlayStation via courier and we will bring it back to you when it is repaired.

Symptoms of damage

If the console's power supply is damaged, you will have trouble activating it. Some of the symptoms of damage are:

  • The console has no power
  • The console works for short periods of time 
  • Damage to the power port

The PlayStation 4 adapter is working hard as it must meet the needs of a demanding processor and a graphics card. Therefore the power supply may be damaged after long gaming machine service intervals. Like any other electronic device, the sudden change in power voltage may cause problems in PlayStation 4.

If your console presents supply problems, come to one of our workshops so that we can check if your power supply is defective.

Repair Procedure 

Once we have a diagnosis and if there is a problem in the power supply, we can directly begin with the repair process.

Your console will be opened and the faulty or damaged part will be removed. We will install a new replacement, such as high quality power supply. This will restore the damage and your device will function again as good as new.

Why to choose us

  • Expertise and experience

Our team of technicians consists of certified electronic with many years experience in repairing electronic devices. We can repair your console quickly and efficiently.

  • Top quality parts

The parts we use are always top quality. They offer the perfect result in every PlayStation 4 power supply repair and it will last for a long time.