PlayStation 4 Overheating Repair

PlayStation 4 Overheating Repair

Repair details

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PlayStation 4 overheating problem repair 

If you need an effective Playstation 4 overheating repair come to ired and meet our expert team.

The PlayStation 4 has powerful CPU and GPU and  the manufacturer has calculated that the temperature inside the console will be high. Of course, many times this temperature exceeds the permissible limits. The ired team is at your disposal to deal with this common problem.

Typical symptoms of damage

  • Excessive warming
  • PlayStation shut down
  • Fans make noise

Come to one of our stores so that we can evaluate the status of your device.

If you are dealing with an overheating problem, we will address it with the following tasks:

  • Cleaning the interior of the console 
  • Repair or replace the cooling system
  • Replacement of the insulating pastes

Our experienced technicians have faced similar problems in gaming consoles and have dealt them with great success. Especially with powerful consoles such as PlayStation, it is common to have overheating problem.

We wait for you in one of our laboratories to offer you a guaranteed Playstation 4 overheating problem repair.

Why to choose us

  • Quality spare parts

The parts we use to repair the Playstation 4 overheating problem is of top quality and performance. They offer the result you desire.

  • Experience and expertise

Our tech team has many years of experience in repairing electronic equipment and specializes in repairing consoles. Even the non-portable consoles, like the PlayStation 4, are vulnerable to damage, because they usually operate continuously for many hours. We successfully deal with all the problems that may encounter to a gaming machine and we can offer effective solutions and  PlayStation 4 repairs. 

  • Direct technical support

If you have any questions about PlayStation 4 overheating problem repair, do not hesitate to visit us, call us or send us a direct message via Live Chat Support service.