PlayStation 4 Laser Scanner Repair

PlayStation 4 Laser Scanner Repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 65
  • Cost (Tax incl) 80.6
  • Repair Time Ask us
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

PlayStation 4 laser scanner repair

For an immediate and effective PlayStation 4 laser scanner repair from professional technicians, visit one of the ired stores.

If you live far away from our stores, please send us your console via courier from any part of Greece, so that we can offer you guaranteed PlayStation 4 laser scanner repair.

The PlayStation games are stored in optical media and any fault in the PS4 laser scanner is an important malfunction.

It is easy to recognize the failure of the laser scanner, as the symptoms of damage will be obvious every time you play a game, or want to see a movie.

Common symptoms of failure

  • The game discs are not recognized

  • Movies or games freeze up or can not be played properly

  • Strange noise is heard when discs are being read

The laser scanners have a certain lifetime which of course can be reduced due to misuse. In any case, the laser scanner is not an accessory that will works flawlessly forever.

Come to an ired store to get a diagnosis of the failure by one of our technicians. If we find out that the scanner has a problem, we can proceed in PlayStation 4 laser scanner repair.

After completing the repair, the gaming console will be functioning perfectly, as if it were new.

Why to choose us

  • Quality spare parts

The PlayStation 4 laser scanner repair will be completed by using top replacement parts. High quality parts and top performance services will provide the desired result, an effective and durable repair.

  • Guaranteed PlayStation 4 laser scanner repair

In red we always offer you guaranteed work. The restoration of any damage is successful only when lasts in time and in normal use of the console. If your unit exhibits the same problem again, then we will make a repair without charge. If your console has received a blow or if it is wet, the warranty expires.

Contact us to give you more information on the laser scanner repair PlayStation 4.