PlayStation 4 DVD-Drive Replacement

PlayStation 4 DVD-Drive Replacement

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  • Cost (Tax incl) 89.28
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DVD-Drive PlayStation 4 Repair

If you are looking for immediate and efficient replacement of the DVD-Drive mechanism of PlayStation 4 by specialised and experienced technicians, then come as soon as possible in one of the ired shops.

Though, if you are not close to any of our shops, send us your console via courier from all over Greece, so that we can offer you guaranteed replacement of the DVD-Drive mechanism of PlayStation 4.

If you are ready to play your favourite game or watch a movie on the PlayStation 4 console, but you found out that the device cannot hold the DVD disc that you have inserted in it, then most probably, there is a problem with the DVD-Drive mechanism of your console.

This specific malfunction is fairly important, as it determines a great percent of the functionality of PlayStation 4, and it can have occurred by various reasons.

The most common of them are the following:

  • Pressure application when inserting a DVD ή CD
  • Insertion attempt of a DVD or CD, while another one is inside
  • Malfunction of the electronic parts of the Drive

So, if you find out that the DVD-Drive of your PlayStation 4 cannot have a new DVD disc or eject another already inserted one, then you must refer to one of the ired repair centres, so that you find a quick and guaranteed solution to your problem.

Come to one of our shops, so that one of our technicians makes a diagnose of your problem. If we find out that there is problem with your DVD Drive, and after we get your permission, we can move on to replace your DVD-Drive of your PlayStation 4.

After the repair is completed, your gaming console will function perfectly once again, just like a brand new one.

Why should you choose us?

  • Quality spare parts

The replacement of the DVD-Drive of the PlayStation 4 will be done by using a top quality spare part. The high quality, the maximum performance and durability will offer you the desired effect, which is an efficient and enduring repair.

  • Guaranteed repair of the DVD-Drive of PlayStation 4

At ired, we are always offering you guaranteed work. The repair of any malfunction is only successful if only time goes by and it is still applied, as well as enduring regular usage of the console. If your device presents you the same problem yet again, we will repair it without any cost charge. If your console has been hit or has got wet, the guarantee will not apply. Contact us to give you more information on the DVD-Drive replacement on PlayStation 4.