PlayStation 4 (PS4) Repair

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Playstation 4 repair

For a guaranteed and effective Playstation 4 repair visit one of the ired stores. Our expert technicians are at your disposal for immediate service. 

We can offer you a solution to every problem of your game machine. 

We can fix successfully the most demanding Playstation 4 repair. Some of the most common faults and their symptoms are:

  • Bluray Drive repair / Laser scanner Playstation 4
  • The discs are not recognized
  • Displaying Disc Reading Error
  • Bluray movies or games freeze
  • Overheating 
  • No video output
  • Excessive noise from the fan 
  • The console freezes in the menu screen 
  • Blinking Blue Light of Death (BLoD)
  • The fan is not working
  • The console raises temperature
  • Red line of Death
  • HDD Playstation 4 repair
  • Hard Disk failure
  • The console does not recognize the HDD
  • No access to dat
  • Host HDMI repair
  • Nothing appears on the screen
  • No sound

Come to one of the ired shops for immediate Playstation 4 repair, or send us your device via courier from all over Greece. 

About the game

The Playstation 4 is the Sony spokesman in 8th generation gaming. The technology used in the Playstation 4 is similar to that of computers which means that repairs and new games are easier. 

The CPU of the Playstation 4 is composed of two quad core Jaguar with similar performance to hat of the Xbox One. The next generation AMD Radeon graphics card is clocking at 800MHz. The storage space of the console is 500 GB or 1 TB depending on the version. 

Why to choose us

  • Guaranteed work

All repairs and spare parts are covered with warranty. Our services are always reliable and guaranteed. If your unit develops a problem after the completion of a repair, visit one of the shops for a free health check. If the fault is due to a failure of the spare part installed, we offer free replacement. The warranty is not valid in case of hit failure or moisture inflow after initial repair. 

  • Low cost

In ired, we offer you top services at the best prices of the market. We know how important it is for you to be served quickly and safely. But we not forget that the repair should also have a low cost, and in ired the Playstation 4 repair is at your advantage. 

  • Technical assistance

Our friendly and professional staff is at your disposal to provide you with immediate answers to every question. You can contact us by Live Chat, telephone or through our page on Facebook.