PlayStation Repair

It’s widely known that Sony’s consoles have been always one of the most popular choices for every gamer in the planet, as well as the most popular in our country.

Many gamer generations have been raised with the Playstation consoles, starting from its first version, which has been released in the winter of 1994 in Japan, and has been distributed outside of Asia a year later.

Nowadays, the Playstation devices, besides gaming, offer many functions, by being able to cover a media centre role for movies and music (Netflix, Spotify, Youtube), as well as for Internet browsing, and many more.

Thus, such functions make them more complex, not on how to use them, but in how to repair as well as maintain their well-being, as their components’ number increases, and the technology that is being used is getting more complex as well as time passes by.

A very important factor is how the console is used, as well as how much the user takes care of it. However, the good and normal use does not guarantee the lack of problems, and this applies on pretty much every device.

Some of the most common malfunctions that can occur, as well as the solutions to them, are the following:

- BluRay Drive error - not able to read discs, eject button problem, stuck disc inside the device

- Hard disk drive change

- Graphics card repair

- Motherboard repair

- Connectivity errors - WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI

- Power Supply Unit repair

- Firmware installation, repair, upgrade

- DualShock Controller repair

- Overheating problems, disc-reading laser problems

Reasons to choose us

- Warranty in every repair

The warranty provided for the services that we are offering in repairing every kind of problem on the PlayStation 4, ensures our credibility, as well as the success of the repairs that we are doing.

The work that we provide is always accompanied by warranty, so that you are sure about the reliability and the success of our services.

Support all over Greece

If you are not able to bring us your console in one of our stores, then we give you the ability to send us your console free of charge via courier, from every area of Greece. The level of service that you are going to get is going to be the same, whether you bring us the console or you send it via courier.

Experienced technicians

Console repairing is one of our top services, since the opening of our stores, as we have repaired countless consoles and various malfunctions, due to our technicians’ knowledge and experience.
If you wish to have guaranteed and quick service on the repair of your Playstation device, then you should call us, or visit one of our stores as soon as possible.