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PC Repair Service

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The ired repair centers, day by day, are climbing to higher positions in the preferences of the public, for debugging or updating a PC. We undertake serious and difficult repairs such as hard disk replacement, graphics card and motherboard repair and processor upgrade or even increasing the RAM. Furthermore, we work on the upgrade of software and programs and provide high reliability and speed. Our goal is to meet your expectation: to make the PC functional at your everyday job.

Remote ired support

One of our advantages in ired repair centers and is the remote support and repair of your PC, as we recognize that the transfer is no easy task. We give you the opportunity to take advantage of our experienced and highly trained staff who will be able to restore any malfunction, such as creating backups, install programs, peripherals, even remove viruses from your PC. All this can be done remotely using Internet. Therefore, you can save valuable time thanks to the remote assistance services we can offer and of course money. You should rest assured, as you have our technicians near you, at all times, for whatever it occurs.

Unique prices and quality parts

At ired service centers, we care for the best, as far as your PC. We always use quality parts at your PC hardware repairs. This means that every PC repair gets only the most reliable parts, which are fully compatible with your computer and have a guaranteed quality. In this way, we ensure that after every repair, your PC will run again as if you have just taken it out of its wrapping. Let us care about the cost. Both spare parts and our professional work are offered at affordable prices which will not find in the market.

Nationwide coverage

We have not left the rest of Greece to its fate. Our advantages include PC cover for users across Greece. Let's see how the procedure gets done. If you are away and you are not able to bring your PC to us in person, you can send it to us by courier. Our technicians will diagnose any problems on your PC and they will contact you to tell you about which actions have to be done so as to repair the PC. We will return it repaired after the complete control is established. This ensures high quality results, even if you're on the other side of Greece.