OnePlus One repair

Effective OnePlus One repair by our experienced technicians. Come in ired's modern laboratories for guaranteed OnePlus repair.

Even if you find it difficult to visit us due to long distance, you can send us your device for free from all over Greece. Contact us to guide you through the steps of sending us your device via the courier company with which we work with.

Guaranteed OnePlus One repair

The Chinese company OnePlus has won much supporters in a new category of smartphones that essentially ombines a high-end device with a reasonable cost. We know how important your mobile is for the user's dailiy life. If your device gets damaged, come to ired to offer you quick and effective OnePlus One repair, which will interest you.

Some of the repair services we offer are:

  • OnePlus One broken screen replacement
  • OnePlus One battery replacement
  • OnePlus One USB port replacement
  • Water damaged OnePlus One repair
  • OnePlus One motherboard repair

In our modern laboratories we can offer you the above and many more OnePlus One repairs, depending on the damage of your device.

OnePlus One repair procedure

You need to bring us your device or send it to us to offer you technical support. Initially it the damage has to be diagnosed or confirmed by one of our technicians. At the same time we will check your device in 24 main operating points.

Once we have a complete picture of the condition of your device we will inform you in detail and we will suggest you the best solution for the problem of your device.

Most OnePlus One repairs require the use of spare parts. In ired we have chosen the best past and we use them in every repair. As a result all the repairs we offer have the best possible result and are durable.

Contact us to answer any questions you have about the OnePlus One repair.