OnePlus Repair

OnePlus repair

Guaranteed and effective OnePlus repair by ired's experienced technicians. Come to one of our modern laboratories for high quality mobile repairs.

Even if you are away from our stores, we can offer you our services. Send us your device free from all over Greece, with the courier company with which we work with.

Guaranteed OnePlus repair

OnePlus is one of the newest companies in the field of mobile manufacturing. The company aims to build economic devices with high-end features. If your device is damaged, you will need professional technical support. In ired OnePlus repair is guaranteed and at your interest.

Some of the repairs we offer are:

  • OnePlus broken screen replacement
  • OnePlus battery replacement
  • OnePlus USB charging port replacement
  • OnePlus motherboard repair
  • Water damaged OnePlus repair

We expect you in our stores to offer you guaranteed OnePlus repair.

OnePlus repair process

The first step in any OnePlus repair work is to diagnose the damage and to assess the condition of your device by one of our specialist. We perform technical control in 24 operating points of your device to have a complete picture of its condition.

The experienced technician that will take over the service of your device will inform you about the nature of the damage and the general condition of your device. We are able to recommend a guaranteed solution to any problem of your device with a guaranteed OnePlus repair.

If the restoration of the damage requires the use of a replacement part, in ired we only use top quality spare parts. We will remove safely the damaged or problematic part of your device and in its place we will install a new spare part of top performance and durability.

After completing the OnePlus repair we will repeat the diagnostic test in 24 points to confirm the trouble free operation of your device.