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MacBook MS Windows installation

MacBook MS Windows installation

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  • Repair Time 1-2 days
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MacBook MS Windows installation

If you want access to the endless applications for the Microsoft Windows environment, or the endless available game titles, we can install Windows on your MacBook.

Microsoft Windows

MS Windows is the most popular operating system in the field of personal computers. Its wide variety of applications and games has maintained Windows in the first place for many years.

Newer versions of Windows have increasingly better performance and have increased their reliability. This has encouraged software companies to develop their applications targeting the MS Windows users.

A solution for business and personal MacBook

Microsoft's dominance in business is given and explains the tremendous success of its MS Office software package. If you want to have the ability to use Microsoft applications in your professional MacBook, this is feasible and can increase your productivity.

A MacBook user in his spare time may want to exploit the features of its portable computer by playing video games. The wide variety of games developed for Microsoft systems can become available to you by installing Windows on your MacBook.

Ways of performing MacBook MS Windows installation:

  • Parallel installation: This way you can choose the operating system you want your MacBook to boot. The two systems are independent from one another. The only drawback is the need to reboot to switch operating system.
  • Virtualization: Installing Windows on a MacBook using a specialized virtualization program. You can use Windows as being an application of your Mac OS X. The virtualization is definitely the quickest way to access the environment of MS Windows.

We expect you in any ired store

Our experts will listen to your needs and will suggest the best way to setup Windows on your MacBook depending on your needs.

Configuration of both Windows and Mac OS X, is required in order to guarantee their optimal operation.

After completing the Windows installation on your MacBook, we will test your computer to confirm the success of the installation. Finally we will show you how to use the Windows installation and take advantage of your MacBook's new features.