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MacBook Keyboard Repair

MacBook Keyboard Repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) Ask us
  • Repair Time 1 st day
  • Repair Warranty 1 year

MacBook Keyboard Repair

The keyboard is the only component that lets you enter characters and write texts on your MacBook. This is embedded in the body of your portable computer. Its location makes it difficult to replace or repair the MacBook's keyboard. The repair should be performed by an experienced and qualified technician to be successful.

Symptoms of damage:

  • You cannot press the keys.
  • Buttons have been detached or are lost.
  • You press the buttons but nothing happens.
  • Different characters appear than those you press.

Infliction of damage

The malfunction of the keyboard can be a sign of serious motherboard damage, but the most common causes are the following:

  • Defective keyboard
  • Wear and tear
  • Old age of MacBook
  • Dust and other materials which impede the proper function of the keyboard
  • Moisture or accident with liquids

Procedure of MacBook Keyboard Repair

MacBook keyboard repair is a demanding task that requires diligence. ired's technicians always follow the procedure below:

  • Test of the device and identification of damage.
  • Removal the accumulated debris.
  • We place the detached keys back.
  • Test of the keyboard's function.
  • If it still does not work properly, you will need MacBook Keyboard Replacement.

Come directly to your nearest ired store

Our experienced technicians will immediately recognize the damage of your keyboard and will inform you precisely about the available solutions. MacBook keyboard repair is completed as quickly as possible to have your repaired MacBook back as soon as possible.

The parts we use in case you need MacBook Keyboard Replacement are always reliable and high quality OEM. Our guaranteed quality repairs, performed by our skilled technicians, are offered at the most competitive rates.