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MacBook Hard drive replacement

MacBook Hard drive replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 25
  • Cost (Tax incl) 31
  • Repair Time 1 st day
  • Repair Warranty 1 year

MacBook Hard drive replacement

If you experience problems with the operation of your hard drive or you want to upgrade it, you can count on our services. If you want to troubleshoot problems that your hard disk causes, you can upgrade it by installing a new faster and larger HDD.

What is the Hard Drive?

The hard drive of your MacBook is the device that stores all the files, data and applications. On the hard disk is also your operating system, which is necessary for the operation of the MacBook.

MacBook Hard drive upgrade

If you have large amounts of data you might need a new HDD. You can change your hard drive with a one of larger capacity. You can even install a hard drive to gain faster reading speed and data transfer times. In addition you should choose the size of each reading.

MacBook Hard drive issues:

  • Many delays
  • Errors during saving
  • The hard disk is full
  • Cannot boot the operating system

MacBook Hard drive replacement

For whatever reason you want to replace your hard drive, you must decide if you want to keep your data. In case you want to keep it, you have to back up your files and transfer them to your new HDD.

Additionally it is necessary to install the operating system on your new hard drive, to be able to use the computer.

Come directly to your closest iRed store

Our expert technicians will perform all procedures necessary to resolve any problem.

We will check your MacBook, to identify what causes the problem. We will inform you about the available options, to choose the most suitable for you.

The installation will be carried out safely and successfully. The result will be a MacBook that works like new.