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Macbook Repair Service

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Macbook Repair Service

MacBook, Apple's laptop, has conquered as with its Retina screen, which has amazing resolution, its high speed, incredible efficiency and its ultra-compact dimensions. Running OS X Mountain Lion and compatible with iCloud can co-operate with your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Definitely you do not want anything to happen to your MacBook - but because every electronic device with hard use wears overtime, iRed is at your disposal for any MacBook repair.

iRed performs the most important and difficult tasks related to MacBook repair.

We mention here an example of the most important:

  • MacBook screen replacement: Without a screen, your precious MacBook is useless. If you have the misfortune to break or crack the screen, we carry out to replace it with a new one immediately and correctly.
  • Keyboard replacement: A problematic keypad will hinder the use of your MacBook. If you break or lose any buttons or are worn and do not obey when you press them, you have to come to iRed, where we will immediately change the keyboard.
  • Replacing memory RAM: As part of upgrading your MacBook can put your new, larger memory if the current is not sufficient on its operations.
  • Hard drive replacement: One of the most serious tasks we perform is replacing the problematic or damaged hard drive of your MacBook, without you losing your data. If the damage of your hard drive is extensive, we can retrieve your data performing a hard drive data recovery.

What gives ired its precedence?

ired is being preferred by more and more users of electronic devices every day. We support our success to a number of inherent advantages over other repair centers. More specifically:

  • Expertise: Our technicians are fully trained and licensed in electronics, with extensive experience in MacBook repair and continuous update on technology developments. They can provide you remote support, troubleshooting various problems of the MacBook remotely, saving you time and hassle.
  • Speed of service: In iRed we are fully aware of how necessary is the daily use of your MacBook, that's why we ensure we complete each MacBook repair as soon as possible. Our technicians will perform the necessary diagnostic test. After we inform you we will perform the necessary MacBook repair.
  • Competitive prices and OEM spare parts: Every MacBook repair that we undertake is always done with new spare parts that are completely compatible with your device. The quality OEM spare parts we use in conjunction with our perfectly competitive prices have risen iRed up to your appreciation.