Mac Mini MS Windows installation

Mac Mini MS Windows installation

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It is true that the most used and popular operating system on the PCs are Microsoft’s Windows, as they have the biggest percentages of usage on desktop computers, as well as laptops.

What are the reasons to have a Windows installation on a Mac Mini?

Even though as time passes by Mas OS X start having more and more users on the operating system market, there are many applications and programs that can only be used on Windows, especially on the professional market. However, this does not mean that you cannot buy a Mac Mini, which is elegant and powerful, and install Windows on it, and by this way getting access to any software you want, as well as games.

How are Windows installed on a Mac Mini?

There are two alternative options if someone wants to install Windows on a Mac Mini:

  • Windows will be installed alongside Mac OS X, and every time that you power up your system, you will be asked which operating system you will want to be booted.
  • Use of a program of virtualization, which allows us to start the Windows operating system via the graphical environment of Mac OS X.

Independently of your choice, your Mac Mini will be working as a high quality Windows desktop.

Trust an ired laboratory

Your system will be analyzed by the experienced and specialized technicians, and after we discuss all your needs and wishes for your system and the Windows installation on a Mac Mini, we will choose the proper way of installation for you, as well as the most proper customization. With a reasonably priced, quick and safe solution, we can install Windows on your Mac Mini, and practically it will be like buying a new computer, which operates on Microsoft Windows.