Mac Mini Hard Drive Data Recovery

Mac Mini Hard Drive Data Recovery

Repair details

In case that you haven’t done a backup of your Mac Mini hard disk drive data and keep it somewhere else, if and when your Mac Mini has a problem, it is not impossible to lose your data, and then the only way to get them back would be data recovery. The chances of success that this operation has depends on the damage of the hard disk drive, as well as what has been done after the deletion of the data.

If they have been deleted by your will, the steps that you can follow are these:  

  • Do not make changes on the system of your data
  • Do not copy or write new dat
  • Do not try to recover your data by yourself, as your data can be deleted forever if you don’t have the proper tools and knowledge to do it.

There are two levels that a hard disk drive can be damaged. On the first level, there is no access to all of the user’s data, but there is access to the Operating System, as well as the graphical environment of the Mac Mini. The second (and worst) level, where the damage is much greater, does not let the user use the Mac Mini normally, as the Operating system cannot be booted.

How does your data get lost?

  • Your hard disk drive is damaged
  • An application malfunctions
  • The user uses the system in a wrong way

What procedure is followed in order to recover your data?

By the time that a hard disk drive is problematic and the data needs to be recovered, there will be required a mechanical intervention, with the data being transferred in a second hard disk drive, so that they can either be available for the user, or they are returned in the first hard disk drive or other means of storage, depending on the user’s choice.

Trust an ired laboratory

Your hard disk drive will be checked by our experienced technicians, who will fully inform you for your hard disk drive, for the options that you have, and then, by your choice, you will get the best service possible, with the biggest success percentages in data recovery on the market, in excellent price.