Mac Mini overheating issue repair

Mac Mini overheating issue repair

Repair details

If the user does not monitor his Mac Mini temperatures consciously, until there is a problem on the system’s functionality, he will not be able to understand the changes of its temperature. Due to high temperatures, the system malfunctions, and less likely, some system components can be destroyed.

How to recognize that your Mac Mini is overheating:

  • High temperatures while using it
  • The cooling system is overworking
  • The cooling system does not work at all
  • The Mac Mini resets itself without warning
  • The Mac Mini shuts down without warning randomly, or when system-heavy software is running

Why does your Mac Mini overheat?

Sometimes, the overheating is caused because of the malfunctioning of the cooling system. This happens more seldom, as there must be a problem with the cooling system, or have a problematic connection with the motherboard, so that a problem is confirmed. Most of the times, the gathering of dust and dirt in the inside of the Mac Mini is what causes the overheating, and this leads to its air ventilation to get blocked. So, the air flow is not normal and enough, thus overheating happens.

Trust an ired laboratory

Our experienced and specialized technicians will open the Mac Mini, so that the root of the problem is determined. In case that there is dust on the inside of the system, which causes the overheating, it will be removed with the proper tools. Then, the system will be checked again, so that it is guaranteed that the cooling system does not have a problem. If you want it, we can upgrade your cooling system. We advice you that at least once a year, you have to clean your Mac Mini, as by that way you protect it from possible damage.