Mac Mini Mac OS X installation and back up

Mac Mini Mac OS X installation and back up

Repair details

Your Mac Mini has the operating system Mac OS X as its fundamental base. In order that you have the best functionality on your computer, you can either upgrade your operating system, or reinstall it, as well as to backup your documents and files. The service that we are offering you combines alongside the upgrade or reinstall of your operating system the option to backup your files, so that you have them stored somewhere else too, and not having the worry to lose them. Independently of the type of your data, we have various choices where you can store your backup copy:

  • Hard disk drive, both internal and external
  • CD / DVD
  • Blu-Ray

How many types of backups do exist?

Depending on the type of the data that you have, there is the corresponding type for the Mac Mini Backup:

  • System Back Up : A backup of all your files and operating system preferences is created, in case that there occurs a system error, so that they are used in that case.
  • Data Back Up : A backup of all the files that you have given us is created, so that they are safely stored.
  • Application Data Back Up : A backup of the files that are crucial for the correct and proper functionality of the software and programs of your Mac Mini.

Why should you install an operating system with backup creation on a Mac Mini?

In various cases, the operating system of a computer might have issues and errors might occur. By upgrading or reinstalling your operating system, there is an improvement in the quality of management of your Mac Mini, while combining this with the backup of your files, you have an even more ensured case of functionality and good use of your Mac Mini.

Trust an ired laboratory

The experienced and specialized technicians of ired are at your service, so that they evaluate your software, as well as your data, in order to cover your needs in the best way possible, with the greatest security that you can have.