Mac Mini Memory Upgrade

Mac Mini Memory Upgrade

Repair details

A very important factor for the Mac Mini performance is its RAM, by topping the components list as one of the most important, alongside the hard disk drive and the processor.

The RAM (random access memory is the memory that withholds temporarily the data and the applications that you are loading, requiring constant feed to keep having them.

How can you notice that your Mac Mini RAM needs to be upgraded?

  • Bad or lowered performance of the Mac Mini
  • Opening applications takes much time
  • Swapping open applications takes much time
  • Malfunctioning of the system when many applications are open

How can you know how much RAM do you need for your Mac Mini?

Depending on what usage you are doing, it would be good to have enough RAM on your Mac Mini. Nowadays, for a simple Mac Mini usage, like surfing the internet, watching movies and listening to music, 4GB of RAM will be adequate.

For more intensive usage, and in a way that you won’t have any problems by using your Mac Mini, 8GB of Ram would be more suitable.

If you are using special programs, for instance for image or video editing, 16GB of RAM are essential, and after that you add more, depending on your needs.

Trust an ired laboratory

With our experienced and specialized technicians, we can offer your Mac Mini a great upgrade with low cost. After analyzing your system and your needs, the technicians will offer you the best available solution, and after you choose what will be done, your system will be upgraded.