Mac Mini Cooling System replacement

Mac Mini Cooling System replacement

Repair details

Inside your Mac Mini, there is a cooling system, which covers the very important task of keeping the temperatures of the system and of its components on the proper levels. This balance is succeeded via the use of fans, which make the best out of the environmental air, and this is how they are cooling the system.

How to check if your Mac Mini cooling system has a problem?

By the time that there is a problem in your Mac Mini cooling system, there might be one or more of the following effects on your system:

  • Reboots or system turn-offs without any warning
  • Problems with the performance of the system
  • Sudden freezes while using applications
  • Unusual noise from the Mac Mini

What causes problems on the Mac Mini cooling system?

On most cases, there is a possibility the problem to be caused by one or more of the following reasons:

  • Problem on the constructed architecture of the Mac Mini
  • Wrong placement of the Mac Mini, on a small distance from a heating machine, which exhausts the cooling system of the Mac Mini
  • Gathering of dust and dirt inside the Mac Mini system
  • Ventilation blocking of the Mac Mini cooling system because of a cover or any other object

How can the Mac Mini cooling system problem be solved?

By the time that you deliver us your Mac Mini, we are examining the problem on your cooling system, we check its functionality and any other possible issues that may cause the damage, we are informing you for your repair options, and then, after your choice, we are doing the repair, and before we give you back your Mac Mini, we are testing it again, in order to ensure its functionality.

Trust an ired laboratory

Your Mac Mini will be repaired by the experienced and specialized technicians of ired, with OEM accessories of high quality, durability and performance, while all of our repairs are characterized by great success. You can bring us your Mac Mini to one of the ired laboratories, as well as you can send it to us via courier that can get it from your place and deliver it to us. Any way that you choose, you will be constantly informed about the condition of your Mac Mini, as well as the progress of the repair.