Mac Mini Backup

Mac Mini Backup

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Nowadays, the computers have become a great part of our lives, and, thus, your Mac Mini might contain files and documents that are very important to you, which you would never want to lose. Either for professional reasons with important documents and your work in general, or for personal reasons with photographs or video from moments in your life that you always want to remember, all of these and more could be located in your Mac Mini. For these cases, it is surely terrible to happen something to your files and to lose them, so the most safe solution so that you don’t find yourself in front of such a loss is the creation of a backup of your Mac Mini files.

How is the backup of the Mac Mini files created?

There are many different means to store the files, always depending on the size and the type of the data that you want to backup. What happens practically by backing up your Mac Mini files is that the data that you are giving us is stored in a different storage unit, so that at any given time, there will be at least two copies of your documents.

The storage units that can store your Mac Mini backup are:

  • Hard disk drive, both internal and external
  • DVD
  • Blu-Ray
  • CD

How many backup types do exist?

Depending on the type of your data, there is the corresponding type of backup for your Mac Mini files:

  • System Back Up : A backup of all your files and operating system preferences is created, in case that there occurs a system error, so that they are used in that case.
  • Data Back Up : A backup of all the files that you have given us is created, so that they are safely stored.
  • Application Data Back Up : A backup of the files that are crucial for the correct and proper functionality of the software and programs of your Mac Mini.

Trust an ired laboratory

Your files will be evaluated by our experienced and specialized technicians, and depending on the backup type that you choose, we will suggest you the most suitable and safe ways to do so. To be noted, in case of backing up professional documents and files, as the loss of them would be crucial, there might need to have two backups instead of one for your Mac Mini files, so that maximum safety is ensured.